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  The Town of Ocean View has agreed to lease to the Historical Society one of the town's oldest homes, to restore/renovate to the way it looked when it was built circa 1890. It will be an exhibit to illustrate the way of life as it was at that time. Behind the house a museum is envisioned that will compliment the house. The museum will focus on the unique history of the Coastal Towns.

The house pictured is located at 39 Central Avenue in Ocean View Delaware.

  In addition to the home the Historical Society has recently acquired the original Ocean View Post Office. After being restored it will be used as an exhibit. Renovation work has begun on the home with the demolition of the interior first floor.

  Pictures show before demolition and after. Many interesting things have already been discovered and stories from past residents have given us insight into what more we may discover as we move along.

Before paneling removed

After... hidden shelf discovered

Original entrance found

Removed paneling exposed wall

Paneled wall before removal

After... wood ceiling exposed
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